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LivePerson is a publicly held, global technology company that develops conversational commerce and AI software. Headquartered in New York City, LivePerson is best known as the developer of the Conversational Cloud, a software platform that allows consumers to message with brands.

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Live Person AI

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Website Development
Marketing & SEO Services
Support & Web Hosting

August 2020

2 Months

How tech is changing the face of customer service.

For more than 20 years, LivePerson has been making life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands. That’s never been more important than now. The results are transformative, enabling conversations that are:

  • more personalised because consumers can communicate on their own terms, in their preferred channel and in their own time. This results in higher
    customer engagement, satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • open-ended and ongoing, allowing brands to build ongoing rapport with
    consumers, offering value-added and tailored service and support.
  • resolved more efficiently and effectively, even when service staff are
    working remotely and across time zones.

Importantly, LivePerson’s AI and automation enables high-quality conversations at scale, while employee and customer safety is maintained. Call centre staff can work from home if needed and interference from background noise and reliance on physical assets such as desktop phones is also no longer an issue

Live Person Australia required new landing pages to support their digital growth, drive more organic audiences via search engines, leverage digital content to boost engagement, and deploy content marketing to build brand awareness and authority.

Alex from Studio IAMALEXWARDER reached out to Beyond Web to work with them to develop a reasonably simple yet contemporary and distinctive business website. They needed a website that was interactive, animated, engaging and could be enhanced in the future. The website needed to provide an overview of information on the business and connect local people to their services.

The Beyond Web team worked closely with Studio IAMALEXWARDER to develop a professional and premium website that would represent the quality of their business, giving them a unique and confident presence. Beyond Web utilised the flexibility of the WordPress CMS platform to develop a website that can be easily maintained and upgraded. The end result was a high quality website that can be easily expanded in the future and was optimised for conversion


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During this process, we work together to better understand your objectives, business processes, digital assets, target audiences, content requirements, industry positioning, and expectations. We then turn designs into a functioning website combining the latest coding techniques with a customised WordPress CMS template.


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Studioiamalexwarder - Alex Warder

“Creative, efficient, great communication and always prepared to go that extra step, that’s why studio iamalexwarder looks forward to working with Will and the Beyond Web team.”

Alex Warder

Creative Director - Studioiamalexwarder

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