Lower Plenty Primary School

Lower Plenty PS is a happy school with high expectations. Lower Plenty is very aware of the need to make each student feel special and their size enables every child to be well-known to staff and other students.

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Lower Plenty Primary School

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January 2021

2 Months

A happy school with high expectations.

Lower Plenty Primary School has a genuinely bright and positive atmosphere. With more than 140 years of history behind it, Lower Plenty is large enough to be able to provide comprehensive programs yet small enough to provide more personal care, attention and value of the individual. Their School Values are Care, Honesty, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility and Fun.

The value the community places on the preservation of the natural environment is reflected in the School’s spacious landscaped grounds planted with native species. The fenced off grounds consist of a grassed sports oval with artificial turf cricket pitch, a large artificial turf basketball/rounders court, two asphalt play areas, a variety of safe adventure playground equipment and extensive shade covered areas.

Lower Plenty Primary School required a full website redesign to support their digital growth, drive more organic audiences via search engines, leverage digital content to boost engagement, and deploy content marketing to build brand awareness and authority.

Lower Plenty Primary School reached out to Beyond Web to work with them to develop a reasonably simple yet contemporary and distinctive school website. They needed a cost-efficient solution as budget was naturally a consideration and the site needed the possibility to be expanded/enhanced in the future. The website needed to provide an overview of information on the school and connect people to the school. 

The Beyond Web team worked closely with Lower Plenty Primary School to develop a professional and premium website that would represent the quality of their school, giving them a unique and confident presence. Beyond Web utilised the flexibility of the WordPress CMS platform to develop a website that can be easily maintained and upgraded. The end result was a high quality website that can be easily expanded in the future and was optimised for conversion.


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Lower Plenty Primary School - Website - Beyond Web

“Our website has had an amazing overhaul and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Will and the team at Beyond Web for their professionalism, hard work and continued support.”

Mary koukourikis

Community Liaison Rep - Lower Plenty Primary School

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