Lumination is Australia’s leading expert in immersive learning technology using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), working with over 2.6k schools nationally.

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May 2022

4 Months

Lumination - Changing the landscape of learning

Lumination’s mission is to fundamentally change the landscape of learning in the classroom and workplace through immersive learning technology.

They needed a sophisticated online presence to present their products and services, increase brand awareness, and generate leads to reach specific target audiences. Beyond Web’s experience as education website developers helped in making informed decisions.

Education Website Developers: An Immersive Experience is Australia’s leading expert in immersive learning technology using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), working with over 2.6k schools nationally.

Lumination began as a lightbulb moment in 2016. Today, they are thriving as an agile and dynamic team delivering education technology solutions across Australia and beyond.

They work with Government, Education, Defence, and Industry, creating and implementing advanced immersive technology, improving workplace learning capabilities and preparing learners for jobs in the future thanks to immersive learning platforms, online learning platforms and virtual reality schools.

Lumination values agility and innovation as a leading education technology company constantly developing new products and services. They reached out to Beyond Web for a new website design to increase organic traffic via search engines and boost lead generation.

Lumination’s new website project had to showcase products and services and reflect its identity as a dynamic and determined company, ready to embrace and drive change to grow.


Lumination’s previous web design was 2 to 3 years old, focusing heavily on educational content and selling hardware. The new version had to reflect their new strategy in moving into Software/Learning Management Systems (LMS) and providing VR & Solutions for STEM Innovation Labs, and more focused on Defence & Government clients.

They wanted a website with a modern and sophisticated UI design, focussed on a better user experience (UX), with improved lesson plan pages and education web resources. It also had to display strong imagery and engaging content depicting products and services in action to improve brand awareness and authority.

The new website also needed to be based on a new CMS since the current was hard to change and update, not allowing for growth and flexibility.


Lumination’s goal for the new website design was to represent their widened scope across multiple industries (including education, defence, government and enterprise), highlighting their focus on software-based solutions, key projects, and diversified capabilities to a broadened audience.

The new website had to cater to target audiences ranging from high school teachers to higher management in Technology departments, from parents to investors, while conveying their capabilities to prospective defence, government, and enterprise clients.

It also had to be easily managed and updated by their team members, who had no web design or coding skills.

The top features and priorities, as defined by the Lumination team, were:

Build brand awareness and refine the online presence

They aimed for a modern website with an engaging, sophisticated, and responsive design that showcased their business capabilities and gave a “wow factor” about their immersive technology solutions.

Increase lead generation

The new website should follow best practice UX/UI design principles to provide visitors with effortless navigation through the site, assisting them in finding information quickly. The navigational focus/CTA should be driving the audience to contact them about their products and services.

Improve online presence and website optimisation

The website had to be responsive, prioritising a “mobile-first” approach, compatible with all popular browsers and desktop/mobile/tablet devices to provide an optimal user experience.

Become a critical information hub

Lumination’s new website privileged specialised areas dedicated to providing relevant, engaging and thought-provoking content for their target audience, like blogs to help build brand awareness and authority. They also wanted to convert their visitors to e-newsletter subscribers and incorporate a new exclusive ‘member hub’ for teachers with learning/teaching resources.

Improved SEO capabilities

Search engine optimisation with local search results to drive organic audiences was a key priority, as well as leveraging engaging design and content to boost lead generation.

Strong visuals

The website should include strong imagery, video content that resonates with the target audience, and informative and engaging blogs and educational content. Lumination developed high-resolution images, custom graphics, and relevant videos to be added across the site.

Better UX

Lumination requested an easy-to-navigate website with a new header, navigation menus, and a parallax scroll effect on the homepage. All the visual elements should promote their intended actions clearly, and direct users to the contact form.


The new CMS and dashboard should enable employees to add, update and remove the content as needed with little technical knowledge, meaning they would have more time to spend on the things that matter the most.

Specific pages web design

The new website structure also contemplated specific page web designs: product pages and industries pages showcasing Lumination’s capabilities across education, government, defence, and enterprise, with the option to feature landing pages and subsequent pages. 

Lumination also requested new members-only areas with associated features, like the membership hub for teachers with interactive PDFs for lesson plans.

Another deliverable was customised page templates for blogs and resources aligned with their brand and ready for their team to use.

Challenges & Results

Beyond Web’s team of strategists, education website designers, UX experts, and education website developers wanted to fit Lumination’s needs now and into the future with a functional and strikingly visual website that brought their brand’s personality to life.


Lumination’s project posed different challenges from most of our school website design or educational website development projects.

More than a makeover, Lumination’s web development project was a renovation of how they presented themselves online to reach out to prospective customers and new audiences, as well as serve and support their current community.

The brief was very detailed and result-oriented for each of the requested improvements they made, matching their new lead generation strategy.

Furthermore, the new website features had to align with their agility and innovation mindset, like being maintained by their team without regularly employing Beyond Web’s design services to make changes.


Design, UX & UI

Beyond Web provided Lumination with a modern and playful website design that is easy to navigate and provides the information their target audience in the education industry is looking for, following the best UX design practices.

The new website shows prospective high-profile customers that Lumination is a sophisticated and progressive business while keeping the existing branding and a familiar look to their already conquered audience.

Beyond Web gave special attention to mobile optimisation and responsive website design. Currently, 54.8% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Our experience with educational website designs targeted at mobile-first generations was advantageous.



Beyond Web implemented Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices to improve the website’s organic (unpaid) ranking within search engines.

Lumination’s website design maximises keyword and target demographics, so Google directs customers to the right products and services every time.


Back office features

The new Lumination website uses a highly customised WordPress CMS that enables employees to add, update or remove content and imagery without technical knowledge. This will save them revision costs and ensure that the website is fully customised and future-proof.

More importantly, with our unique ‘Modular Block’ approach, they can dynamically create and modify components on the website, allowing them to generate an infinite number of branded page combinations.

For a smooth handover, the Lumination content management team received comprehensive training and support to update their new website easily. Beyond Web also provided documentation and ongoing access to our support staff, ready to help with any questions or issues that may come along the way, assisting in the life of the website.


Technical tasks

Beyond Web updated the new website with content provided by Lumination, both new and from the current website.

Our team configured custom contact forms for inquiries, set up auto-response emails, and integrated social media on the website through multiple channels – Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

Another key technical requirement was configuring third-party app integrations, like HubSpot CRM.

Beyond Web also migrated the new website to the existing domain and our own hosting platform.

Our Experience as Education Website Developers Paid Off is an experience that captures visitors with dynamic visual content, leading potential clients through the consideration stage with well-structured information into their conversion goal.

The new website reflects Lumination’s new digital marketing strategy, highlighting new products and services, with new areas dedicated to their existing audience featuring improved resources.

All of this in a package they can manage in-house, with high flexibility and the possibility to adapt and build new content areas in the coming years.

Our experience as an educational website design company allowed us to meet Lumination’s website design needs, creating e-learning websites, education websites, and school websites for schools across the country.

It was one of those projects where all the variables were well considered, and the execution had clear, practical, measurable goals. And the results are in plain sight.

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Our Process

Stage 1. Research

First, we have to understand who you are. Only then can we create a website that accurately reflects what you stand for and who you stand with. We start this process by rigorously reviewing your current website to form an accurate picture of what needs to be adjusted and updated to reflect the values your brand wishes to portray. After our team completely understands you as a brand, it can start creating a website that genuinely portrays the value of your business and resonates with the people who matter.

Stage 2. Design

The next step is to create an initial layout for your future homepage, the first thing students and their parents will see when visiting your site. We want to ensure that it presents an accurate picture of your brand before we move forward with further design changes. After the initial homepage is approved, we produce a one-page master template using our modular block approach. These modular blocks can be used on any page, allowing you to customise layouts, reorder content, and create infinite page combinations.

Step 3. Build

Design ideas come to life in the website development stage. Once our design has been approved, we’ll turn those designs into a functioning website by applying the latest coding techniques to a custom WordPress template. Once completed, we’ll present you with a website tailored to your brand values. Beyond Web’s designers will make any changes necessary to fulfil your web design goals.

Stage 4. Launch

Launching the website can be the most daunting part of web design. The launch process follows a curated, fail-safe checklist we've curated over the years. It has not failed us once in the hundreds of times we used it before so that you can rest easy during launch week. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way. The more fluid our communications, the more powerfully we can achieve your goals.

“The team at Beyond Web Solutions are extremely reliable, responsive, efficient, and professional. We appreciate Will’s expertise, design knowledge, and recommendations which helped produce the best outcome for us. We look forward to continuing our positive working relationship with Beyond Web as our site and business develops.”

Danielle TALBOT

Marketing Manager - Lumination

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