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Trends and technologies are constantly changing, adapting and growing. Whilst the core of your business may remain strong and unchanged, the face and how it communicates needs to shift in line with the world. This means that in order to stay relevant to the market, you need to consider how to make your brand dynamic and fresh to give you a competitive advantage. We offer a comprehensive or lightweight rebranding service to match your business. Reinvigorate your business, reach new audiences, build greater loyalty in customers and more.

Don’t be mistaken that creating a brand is as simple as the development of a logo. Branding needs to be approached in a much broader sense and, most importantly, create an overall tone of voice that speaks to a brand’s customer in the best way possible. This is how we approach all of our branding projects.

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Brand Strategy

Branding starts with strategy. We workshop & consult with you to help define your mission, values, tonality, positioning and much more. Through experience we know exactly the right questions to ask and how to provide absolute clarity in the process. Small or large business – you will come away confident that you’re in good hands.

Visual Identity

This is where names, logos, colours & general look-and-feel factors fit in. It’s not just about slapping together something that looks nice (although we do plenty of that), but about backing it all by research & strategy to make sure it actually works. This is about setting up parameters to help you stand out in a busy world and against competitors.

Twenty Six Boutique - Website Design & Development by Beyond Web
Twenty Six Boutique - Website Design & Development by Beyond Web

Brand Collateral Design

Starting with a brand or style guide, which is a rulebook to enforce consistency across all mediums, we begin to design all the assets that you put out to the world. Business cards, letterheads, packaging, flyers – you name it. The designs are informed by the brand/visual identity process, but having consistency means you’re serious about a strong, memorable presence.

Brand Management

Managing a brand is tough when there are multiple heads in the mix. Brand management is about ongoing quality control for your brand assets, ensuring that quality & consistency standards are adhered to. A brand should be flexible, but only within the scope as defined by your brand guidelines.

Branding is all about standing out. It’s what draws people to your business, makes it relatable, memorable, relevant and appealing. It’s what builds loyal customers who keep coming back. Branding is about defining what makes you resonate with your target audience and being true to this.

A good question to start is “do you feel that you are engaging as well as you could be with your target audience?”

With any project, you need a starting point. With branding, it always starts with the development of an idea, sometimes it comes immediately, sometimes it takes a rigorous brainstorming session to bring the right ideas out the light. Once this idea and concept is conceived, the fun part really begins.

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