Get your free Digital Marketing Health Check!

Are all those hours spent posting on social media really paying off? Are you producing hundreds of blog posts but seeing no increase in web traffic? Can your target audience even find you online?

In a competitive area like student enrolment, the quality of your school marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure. No matter how good your programs, web content, and recruitment operations are, failing to fully optimise your online activities can severely limit your chances of reaching and engaging with prospective students.

With that in mind, checking the health of your school digital marketing regularly can be crucial, ensuring that your site adheres to the most up-to-date best practices in the area and is optimally structured to help both web users and search engines like Google to easily find your school online.

We’re here to help you analyse the effectiveness of your school branding, online marketing activity, and social media. Our Digital Marketing Health Check is your first step towards greater insights, new opportunities and valuable strategic advice from industry experts. 

What are the Benefits of a Digital Marketing Health Check?

Understanding your school digital marketing activities, proving your marketing value, and identifying opportunities to refine your current strategy are key to increase enrolments at your school.

Not only will we analyse and identify what’s working and what you could do with some care and attention, we’ll also explain why in our consultation session – no jargon, no selling, just sharing our knowledge. Don’t worry if you have no marketing plan or strategy. Our Digital Marketing Health Check is appropriate for all sizes and types of schools, and is a great foundation tool to build on.

Our in-depth Digital Marketing Health Check looks at the following critical aspects of your site:

  • Website Structure Analysis (Including security check and responsive testing)
  • Company branding audit
  • Search Engine Optimisation analysis
  • Brand, Communications and Messaging
  • Competitor Site Review