Collingwood College

Collingwood College is an internationally accredited government school located in the inner-city suburb of Collingwood, close to the Melbourne CBD. Providing excellent educational facilities and a safe and friendly learning environment.

Project Details

Collingwood College

School Branding & Identity
Graphic & Digital Design
Marketing & SEO

Oct 2021

2 Months

Progressive, student-centred teaching & learning.

Anticipating the planned opening of the new Wurun Senior Campus for Collingwood College & Fitzroy High School, Beyond Web was called in to create a fresh new brand and visual identity for Collingwood College, and refresh their existing website.

The vibrant new brand identity supports the college’s ambition to become the first-choice provider of education in the area, and inspires the proud ownership by staff, students, and parents.

Collingwood College - School Branding & Visual Identity by Beyond Web
Collingwood College - School Branding & Visual Identity by Beyond Web


The purpose of this project was to:

  1. Create a new brand identity for an existing school
  2. Ensure the new brand identity is relevant, creative, polished and professional
  3. Ensure the new brand identity represents the school’s values and community’s aspirations.


The educational sector is very competitive in Melbourne, Australia. Collingwood College needed to differentiate their offerings while emphasising their unique positioning. The school needed a brand strategy that would allow them to stand out and appeal to both parents and students.

We focused on building a distinctive brand position that focused on being innovative, diverse and fun – but also committed to improving children’s development through the formative years. It became important to also develop a unique brand identity that would differentiate the school from its competitors.

Wurun Senior Campus – New secondary campus for Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School
Wurun Senior Campus – New secondary campus for Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School


The existing school identity system was fragmented and inconsistent. This resulted in brand dilution or loss of recognition. The current logo also felt unrefined and therefore unprofessional. We ran a study of the logo industry to find out if there was anything missing, and based on our results it looks like local schools haven’t found a way to represent their values or history with their school’s logo.


Each of the different parts of the logo are related to the School’s values. For example, each element stands for one specific value or characteristic that is important to Collingwood College. The elements can also be separated into individual pieces to create more playful & dynamic applications. This allows us to apply a sense of creativity, curiosity and energy to the schools branding.

The school community’s values and aspirations are communicated through a simple graphic which touches on the following themes:

  • Diversity: The curved lines represent interconnected cultures and showcases the diversity of the school. The design is inspired by aboriginal & indigenous art styles.
  • Creativity: The two ‘C’ shapes symbolise the creative values of the School. The two ‘C’ shapes also represent the School name (Collingwood College)
  • Innovation: The sprout symbolises student growth and innovation within the environment. The design is inspired by the Kitchen Garden Program at the School.
  • Relationships: The diagonal lines symbolise student and staff relationships as well as community. Their kinetic energy and apparent movement create excitement.


Beyond Web created a brand guideline for this organisation to protect its investment in the new brand. We also provided branded templates for presentations, policy documents, business cards, stationery and an enrolment booklet.

The Beyond Web team was also commissioned to take a look at the college’s existing WordPress website. We were able to identify areas that needed improvement and are currently in the process of redesigning and redeveloping the website to prioritise the college’s key audiences and objectives. The website will be launching later this year.


The work for Collingwood College was a success and received a lot of positive feedback from clients, stakeholders, and from the general public. After unveiling the new brand identity and applying it across the school’s communication touch points, the school had an overwhelming number of positive feedback and new enquiries.

Our Process

Stage 1. Discovery

We want to know more about what makes your school tick. We treat this stage of deployment the same way we would any other scientific discipline, wherein you will provide our Project Manager with some key assets and after an in-depth kick off call we'll begin analyzing each component to build a site that is uniquely yours.

Stage 2. Design

During the design phase, you will see your vision come to life and exceed all expectations. We will produce an initial design of the homepage, we then produce a one page master template using our modular block approach. You will have the chance to provide feedback on your homepage and interior pages.

Stage 3. Build & Launch

Once you have been approved, your front-end developer will start crafting your website by coding it and making sure the design works across every browser and device. Your site will also go through a rigorous Q&A process to make sure it's mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible, and much more.

Sam Luck - Collingwood College - Principal

“As principal of Collingwood College, I approached Will from Beyond Web to develop our website and rebrand our school. We are extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend Will and the Beyond Web team not only to the school sector, but anyone in the private sector looking for a professional online presence.”

Sam Luck

Principal - Collingwood College

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