Emerging Sciences Victoria

Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) makes it possible for Year 9 and 10 students in Victoria to access specialised STEM subjects through a virtual classroom.

Project Details

John Monash Science School

School Websites
Digital & Graphic Design
Website Development
Marketing & SEO Services
Support & Web Hosting

May 2020

2 Months

Join The Classroom Of The Future!

Broadcasting from a purpose-built studio on the campus of John Monash Science School. The state-of-the-art virtual classroom makes engaging, collaborative and inclusive learning available to all students – regardless of their geographic location or socio-economic situation. Students collaborate online using shared documents and use video cameras and headsets to interact with classmates and teachers. 

Emerging Sciences Victoria wanted to evolve their company website so it could support their increasing growth & impactful digital campaign. This project would provide organic search rankings, increased web traffic, integrated content marketing strategy, and more – something that’s crucial for businesses these days.

Emerging Sciences Victoria reached out to Beyond Web for a sleek and modern website that would promote their purpose built studio. They needed a solution that was cost-effective and easy to maintain; site budget was an important factor. The site would need to present an introduction, overview of the subjects as well as information on enrolments and enquiry details.

The team at Beyond Web has worked closely with Emerging Sciences Victoria to create a website that conveys the quality of their courses and sets them apart from others. Beyond Web utilised the flexibility of WordPress and created a great looking site with facilities for easily adding new content. Beyond Web made sure to make the conversion process as straightforward as possible for visitors too.

Emerging Sciences Victoria - Website Design & Development by Beyond Web


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