Brunswick North Primary School

Collaborating with Studioiamalexwarder on branding, Beyond Web reimagined Brunswick North Primary School’s online presence with interactive animations and custom patterns. This project aimed to craft a digital space that reflects the school’s vibrant personality and engages the community creatively.


Our goal was to design a standout website by integrating engaging animations and unique patterns, mirroring the school's character. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also enriches the user experience, making the site a lively platform for information and community interaction.

  • Strategy

    Website Design & Development, Website Care Plan & SEO

  • Design

    Reduced website loading times by 58% post-optimisation.

  • Client

    Achieved a 79% increase in user engagement on interactive pages.

  • Technical Results ⚙️

    Reduced image load times by 63% improving user experience.

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