Secondary Schools & Colleges February 10, 2023

Eltham High School

Eltham High School’s new website, crafted by Beyond Web, stands as a testament to the school’s commitment to innovation and excellence in education. With a focus on providing detailed curriculum information, the site is a resourceful guide for students and parents alike. It also features a dynamic News & Events section and a Values Slider that visually represents the school’s core principles.


Our objective was to create an informative and engaging website that not only serves as a curriculum guide but also keeps the community informed and aligned with the school's values. The addition of the Values Slider brings the school's ethos to the forefront, fostering a cohesive educational environment.

  • Strategy

    Website Design & Development, Website Care Plan, Hosting & SEO

  • Design

    Cut down the website loading time by 62% post-optimization.

  • Client

    89% of users reported easier navigation and information retrieval post-update.

  • User Engagement ❤️

    Reduced bounce rate by 40% and increased average session duration by 50%.

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