Prahran High School

Prahran High School reached out to Beyond Web to work with them to develop a reasonably simple yet contemporary and distinctive school website. They needed a cost-efficient solution as budget was naturally a consideration and the site needed the possibility to be expanded/enhanced in the future. The website needed to provide an overview of information on the school and connect people to the school.

Project Requirements

Develop a professional and premium website that would represent the quality of their school, giving them a unique and confident presence.

  • Services 🚀

    Website Design & Development, Website Care Plan, Hosting & SEO

  • Technical Results ⚙️

    Reduced website loading times by 56% post-optimization.

  • User Satisfaction 🤝

    Achieved a 49% increase in user engagement on interactive pages.

  • Technical Results ⚙️

    Reduced image load times by 64% improving user experience.

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