Fitzroy High School

Fitzroy High School’s website redesign by Beyond Web is a blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. With an emphasis on community engagement, the site incorporates an Instagram Feed, a Newsletter Signup feature, and a News & Events section to keep all stakeholders connected and informed about the school’s vibrant life.

Project Requirements

The task was to craft a user-centric website that encourages community participation through social media integration and regular updates. The Newsletter Signup feature ensures that the school's stories reach a wider audience, enhancing its digital presence.

  • Services 🚀

    Website Design & Development, Website Care Plan & SEO

  • Technical Results ⚙️

    Achieved 99.99% uptime and reduced server response time by 57%.

  • User Satisfaction 🤝

    Achieved a 35% increase in newsletter sign-ups through improved CTA.

  • SEO Results 🎯

    Witnessed a 61% increase in overall website traffic post-SEO optimisation.

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